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Photography Competition 2017

Welcome to the 7th Annual Thomson Ecology Photography Competition!

The competition this year is entitled, “Our Natural World”.

“Our Natural World” has been chosen because much of Thomson Ecology’s work as an ecology consultancy involves the restoration of habitats and the enhancement of sites for the benefit of wildlife, especially after development works have taken place. So, we invite you to send us photos which illustrate this – perhaps a striking landscape – or an animal or bird in a natural setting.

The competition is open to everyone of any age, and images can have been taken anywhere in the British Isles.

The prizes are:

£200 for the winner, and, the winning image may be published in our marketing material, for which the winning photographer will be paid a fee of £20 for each different use that may be made of the image.

£50 each for three runners-up.

Once the winner has been chosen, we will issue a press release with the winning image, which could be picked up by any journal or newspaper. A previous year’s winning image was printed as a quarter page in The Daily Telegraph, giving massive publicity to the winner, so this is an exciting opportunity to show your skills, and possibly kick start a career as a commercial photographer!

Participation in this competition is free. Images will be judged by a panel of three, and the images will be judged on originality, technical ability, composition, overall impact and artistic merit.

How to enter

The closing date is Saturday 30th September 2017.

Good luck!

Competition rules

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Images from top to bottom:

2016 winner, Alan Warriner;  2013 winner, Bill Doherty;  2015 winner, Trevor Shelley;  2011 winner, Robert Chapman

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