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Services Soft landscaping

We provide a full range of soft landscaping and habitat creation services. We deliver soft landscaping projects on a variety of sites, including flood defence, rail, housing, highways, renewables and development sites. Project sizes can vary from small tree-planting schemes to large habitat creation and restoration projects.

We provide advice on suitable solutions and methods of installation which can achieve the best from the existing site conditions, provide the best habitat for ecology, and provide you with the best value for money.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to find out how we can assist you with your project.

Services we provide include

In practice

We worked with a local authority to enhance areas of the Hackney Marshes.

Hackney Marsh is one of the largest remaining areas of common land in London. The area is a popular space for the public and includes 88 full size football pitches. Parts of Hackney Marshes are designated as Metropolitan Importance for Nature Conservation. The Marshes are valuable for wildlife because they provide a variety of habitats including short and longer grass meadows, waterways and river banks, trees, hedges and woodland.

The overall environmental strategy was to create new habitat areas to attract a diverse range of wildlife and visitors to the Marshes whilst maintaining the council's commitment to increasing biodiversity in the borough.

The works included:

Because the site was a well used public space, after we completed the work, we returned each month for a year to carry out maintenance which included replacing failed plants, tree guards and canes, and strimming vegetation.

We also installed some hard landscaping features as part of this project, including a bird hide, some steps, benches and a bark pathway construction.