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Newt and reptile fencing just got more efficient

6th April 2018

Thomson Habitats has increased their newt and reptile fencing efficiency with a new fencing plough. This latest investment will mean that both temporary and semi-permanent fencing can be installed at a faster rate, and more securely in the ground due to the absence of any backfilling.

The Habitats team have worked collaboratively with their suppliers to produce a semi-permanent fencing product which can be installed using the plough, and also has a higher tensile strength than the conventional 1mm HDPE.

David Grimmond, Thomson Habitat’s Bid and Technical Manager says, “We are now able to offer more competitive rates for our great crested newt and reptile fencing, as well as a more ecologically secure and more robust product. We look forward to sharing these benefits with our clients during the upcoming fencing season.”

To discuss your great crested newt or reptile fencing requirements, or to get a quotation for other environmental services, please phone 01483 466066 or email

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