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Ecological contracting

We work with our clients to turn ecological plans into practice. We support ecologists with protected species trapping and translocating, providing all sorts of fencing for collecting and managing wildlife (including reptile fencing, newt fencing, water vole fencing and stock fencing amongst others) and supply and install refugia and pitfall traps.

We identify and treat invasive plants and species, including Japanese knotweed.

We have a dedicated team of arboriculturists who can carry out condition monitoring and surveys as well as practical tree management works.

Our teams have worked with a wide range of clients all over the UK, from public agencies to individual landowners, local and national government, developers, contractors and consultancies.

In practice

During 2013 we worked with Thomson Ecology to assist our client, a multi-disciplinary civil engineering and building contractor, with great crested newt (GCN) survey and mitigation works along a 14.5km cable route.

The cable route will take power from Westermost Rough offshore wind farm to a sub-station in Preston, near Hull.

Following the surveys of nearly 50 ponds undertaken by Thomson Ecology, our works included:

Thomson Habitats erected over 6km of temporary amphibian fencing on this cable route