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Habitat creation and restoration Coast, estuary and river

We do a large variety of works on coasts, estuaries and rivers.

We have carried out fish rescue projects using electrofishing on several rivers, and have installed fish passes and eel gutters to help fish and eels avoid river obstructions such as dams and weirs.

We have experience in spraying herbicide on river banks, after gaining the required permission from the Environment Agency.

We have carried out silt translocation at a large reservoir in Essex, and worked with clients on several large scale flood defence projects, including great crested newt translocation on the Steart Peninsula and soft landscaping works as part of a flood alleviation project at Gatwick.

We have also helped a client in translocating wildlife from a large area on the Thames Estuary which was due to be flooded to create mud flats.

In practice

We worked with our client, Team Van Oord, as part of their Water and Environment Management (WEM) framework, to facilitate Phase 2 of the Whittlesey Washes flood defence scheme in Cambridgeshire.

The £26m scheme involves strengthening a 16km stretch of the south bank between Whittlesey and Stanground, and is designed to protect 8,000 hectares of farmland, hundreds of homes, as well as infrastructure around Peterborough.

The site, located on the Nene Washes SPA, SAC and RAMSAR site, required sensitive working methods to minimise adverse impacts on the ecology.

Our commissioned works included installing 17 km of fencing, including concrete post rabbit and stock fencing, and stiles and gates, mowing over 25 hectares of ruderal grassland, and seeding over 40 hectares both conventionally and hydro-seeding. It was through our consistent project management and working in close collaboration with our client that we helped to deliver the works and mitigate the risks of any potential programme delays.

Thomson Habitats flood defence works.